1000L Stainless Steel Reactor Chemical Reactor

Stainless Steel Reactor Chemical Reactor

50L~5000L Stainless Steel reactor pressure reactor
In chemical engineering, chemical reactors are vessels designed to contain chemical reactions. A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. Most chemical reaction happened in a stainless steel reaction kettle, or reaction tanks. According to the reaction request, reaction tanks can be pressure reactor or normal pressure reactor.

Stainless Steel Reactor Chemical Reactor

1T Stainless Steel Pressure Reaction Tank (Pressure Reactor)<>
A pressure reactor can offer several advantages over the conventional normal pressure reaction kettle. Firstly, pressure reactor can conduct a reaction above the boiling point of a solvent. The reaction rate in a pressure reaction kettle can double for every 10 degree Celsius increase in temperature. In other words, for every 10 degree Celsius increase, reaction time can be shortened in half. Secondly, the pressure can reduce the reaction volume, including the liquid phase, and in turn increase concentration and collision frequency, and accelerate a reaction.

The above benefits from a pressure reactor are widely known and being well used in chemical reaction kettle production. But for some other reaction, a pressure reactor will be unnecessary. Some user’s may only need to mixing sugar and water together in a reactor, or any other simple chemical reaction which do not need pressure and heating, so simple stainless steel reactors will be needed. In fact, simple stainless steel reactors are the same with stainless steel mixing tanks.
Chemical reaction tank heating and cooling medium

500L Electric heating rectors stainless steel reaction tank

Stainless steel Chemical reaction kettle can be designed with different capacity ranging from 20liter to 5000liter. For small reactors, such as 50Liter reaction tank, 200L reaction kettle, and 500L reactors, electric heating type is widely used.(electric heating reactor usually use heating oil as heating medium, so it is also referred to as oil jacketed reactor or oil heating reactor. Double jacket reactors are also being used in some areas.

  1. 1000L Steam heating reactors reaction kettle made of stainless steel

For reaction tanks with 1000L capacity and 2000L capacity, use steam heating is better. Also, for steam heating reactors, the steam jacket or heating jacket can be designed into 1 ~ 4 zones according to buyer’s request. The heating jacket for steam kettle can be dimple plate or spiral coil. Sometimes U-channels are also being used in the construction of stainless steel reactors.

Specification for Chemical Reactor Stainless Steel Rectors

Tank capacitymaterialDiameter Agitator Temperature control
Stainless steel
PLC control
Sami-automatic control

Accessories of Stainless Steel Reactors
Reactors usually comes with inner wall, steam or oil jacket, mixer and agitator, steam pressure gauge, oil temperature and steam trap as well as safety valves. Some other accessories may be needed in some stainless steel reactors, if needed, please let us know when you send inquiry. Optional accessories list:

  • VFD Controller
  • Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
  • PH Meter
  • Flow Meter
  • Glass Level Meter
  • Ball Float Type Lever Controller
  • Sight Glass
  • Sight Light
  • Weighing Module / Weighing Module
  • Sterilization Circle
  • Quick Fitting for Inoculation