At present, global battery demand is still dominated by chemical batteries. Among them, lead-acid battery has the advantages of high performance price ratio, large capacity, high power, long life, safety and reliability. It is the largest production and most widely used battery in the world. However, lithium battery has begun to accelerate the process of R & D and industrialization. It occupies more and more market share by virtue of the advantages of high energy density. In 2017, the lithium battery market in the world has created a new pattern. In view of its structure, power battery occupies half of the world. By this drive, China’s lithium battery market share over 60%, surpassing Japan and South Korea and winning the world’s first. As the world’s largest manufacturer of cathode materials and anode materials for lithium batteries, Shan Shan and BTR choose Shuanlong as long terms partner to provide lithium battery mixer and service. This is the greatest honor for Abster™.
Abster™ Provide:
No dead area for when mixing
Air cleaning design on discharging valve special for Lithium battery industry
Different coating such as PTFE, AI2O3, Tungsten Carbide etc for insulation
No metal sealing material
Sampling to find best mixing time