Butterfly Dual Shaft Agitator

Butterfly Dual shaft Agitator

Product Description

butterfly dual shaft agitator



butterfly dual shaft agitator specially designed for mixing chemical products with high viscosities.


Low speed tri-foil mass moving mixing device ensures the maximum material turn over. The strong high speed saw toothed shearing head created excellent dispersing conditions. The materials continually reaches the dispersing blade by the action of the tri-foil mixer and dissolving requirements are quickly achieved.


The mechanics of high and low shear rates results in uniform dispersions through a wide range medium to high ciscosities.


The unit is also available with vacuum facility.


Application:Wet dispersing and mixing of printing ink, adhesive agenta, putties, atomic ash, real stone paint,fllers and litho inks,etc.



* Integration of saw-tooth shape high speed dispersing disc and butterfly mixer with scraper.

* Scrapers shall prevent mixing media from adhering to interior of movable tank.

* High efficiency of dispersion and dissolution of liquid-solid materials.

* Material of wetted parts: SS304/Galvanized #45 steel.

* Mixing head lifting/lowering mode: by hydraulic cylinder.

* Mixing head lowering speed: adjustable with regulating valve.


Technical Specifications

Mixer Motor(kw)112230
Disperser Motor(kw)112230
Mixer Speed(r/min)120 or Adjustable120 or Adjustable120 or Adjustable
Disperser Speed(r/min)1500 or Adjustable1500 or Adjustable1500 or Adjustable
Speed ControlledBuncher/ InverterBuncher/ InverterBuncher/ Inverter

Note:Can be customized according to customer requirements.