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Chocolate Coating Pan

Chocolate Coating Pan

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Chocolate Coating Pan, also known as a chocolate enrober, is a smart investment for any food processing business.

This machine can coat almost anything with a solid, uniform layer of chocolate.

Buying it for your business will enable you to turn ordinary foodstuff into savory chocolate covered confections-all while saving labor and improving your ROI.

So if you want to chocolate coat but aren’t sure where to start, this guide is helpful.

It includes all the basic information you need to get started, including the machine’s benefits, features, working principle, and types, etc.

Chocolate Coating Pan Machine

A chocolate coating pan machine is more of a traditional technology machine used to coat products via the panning method.

It consists of an ellipsoidal shaped pan made of stainless steel and mounted on top of the gearbox shaft of the machine.

An electric motor drives the shaft during operation.

Although it is an old technology, most panning machines today can control temperature and airflow.

This helps to give you/the operator complete control over the coating process.

Some models even come with automatic spray systems which evenly distribute chocolate during the initial coating process.

Compared to the other enrobers mentioned above, chocolate panning machines are cheaper priced.

Components of Chocolate Coating Machine

A chocolate coating machine is an assembly of various parts and components.

The number of parts in any enrobing machine will vary greatly depending on the model, size, and functionality of the machine.

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