Lavender, Lemon Balm Essential Oil Steam Distillation Plant

Multifunctional Essential Oil steam Distillation plant introduction


This unit is popular in production of Indian, Chinese medicines, health products, Biological drugs, cosmetics and food, it use technology of biological and chemical separation, can extract Plant components efficiently by steam distillation, have good effect in collecting essential oil from plants.

We can make essential oil distiller from 50L to 5000L.


The simple flow chart of essential oil production process





Multifunctional Essential Oil Steam Distillation plant Main equipment


1, Extracting tank   2, Oil-water separator  3, Receiver  4, Oil cooling system  5, Plate distillation system 

6, Vacuum system  7, Frame    8, Pipes    9, Valves    10, Digital temperature sensor.




Multifunctional Essential Oil Distiller Advantage


1.  This equipment is made of SUS304/316 stainless steel with special frame.


2.  It has Three layers plate distillation system and Special condenser design which can extract the oil efficiently.


3.  This machine equips Digital control system and Touch screen display control system.


4.  Energy diversification options: electricity, gas, natural gas, steam, wood, etc.


We can also Make it according to your request.


Multifunctional Essential Oil Distiller Models for our small machine







Supply PowerDimension(mm)

Note: Besides the above model, we also have 500L,1000L,1500L,2000L

3000L and above.


Raw material can be use to extract essential oil as below for reference


FlowersRose; jasmine; lavender; chamomile;  ylang ylang; geranium; neroli; clary sage; achillea millefolium; osmanthus; peony; marigold; laurel; honeysuckle; violets.
LeavesTea tree; eucalyptus; mint; patchouli; juniperberry; cypress; pine needles; spearmint; basil.
RootsGinseng; ginger; angelica; garlic; vetivert; angelica root; mugwort; borneol camphor.
GrassesRosemary; verbena; lemongrass; melissa; nardostachys; tarragon; caraway; dill; valerian; houttuynia; wintergreen;  evening primrose.
WoodSandalwood; cedar wood; rosewood; agarwood; Birch; holly; camphor; melaleuca; sassafras.
ResinsFrankincense; myrrh; benzoin; fir tree; amyris; Elemi.
CitrusBergamot; grapefruit; lemon; orange; lime; tangerine .
SeedsCloves; almonds; cardamom; carrot seed; pomegranates; pepper;  capsicum ; fennel.



Multifunctional Essential Oil Distiller picture for reference



Please kindly inform us your requested processing capacity, raw material,so that

we can offer you accordingly based on your requirement.


We will stand at your point to suggest low cost and suitable production line for you.We sincerely want to cooperate with you.