Kneader Mixer Extruder Operation

Kneader Mixer Extruder Operation

How does a kneader mixer extruder work ?

The kneader mixer extruder consists set of contra-rotating kneading blades, such as the sigma blade or the masticator blade, in combination with either one or two extrusion screws.

The kneader mixer extruder operation is in two modes – mixing mode, discharge mode. In the mixing mode, the blades rotate towards each other; the rotation of the screw ensures a constant feed of material into the mixing zone. During the discharge mode (after completion of mixing), the direction of rotation of the screw is reversed, so that the material is extruded, discharged from the mixing vessel.
Application & Process :

The Sigma Mixer is used for mixing and kneading for mixing, kneading of highly viscous mass, sticky and dough like products, Mixing of pastes, rubber, and heavy plastic masses, applications in Food, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and agro industries, Dry powder to wet phase mixing. This mixer is most suitable for highly viscous material and dough like masses.

kneader mixer extruder

The sigma kneader is a double arm mixer, the two “Z” blade rotate towards each others at same or different speed inside a W- shaped product container. The twin screw basin kneading machine with two horizontally arranged kneading blades, which are deeply geared into one another and strip themselves reciprocally. Each blade moves the material in opposite direction thereby providing excellent cross mixing of all raw materials. The blades pass the trough walls and each other at close clearances resulting in good mixing. The close clearance produces a shearing and tearing action that is beneficial to the size reduction of solids. Selection of appropriate blade shape and speeds result in excellent mixing

Specifications – Kneader Extruder

Gross Volume Specified in cubic meters or liters
Working Volume Specified in cubic meters or liters
Container Internal DimensionsAs per manufacturer’s catalog
Container ShapeModified ‘W’ shaped
Material of Construction(Options)Product Contact, Non Contact Parts :

  • Carbon Steel Confirming to ASTM A 36 /  Equivalent
  • ASTM SA 240 Gr. 304/ Gr. 316 / Special Alloy Material
  • Wear Resistant Liners can be provided for abrasive material
Jacket for Heat Transfer (Optional)
  • Made from Carbon Steel Confirming to ASTM A 36 / Equivalent ; ASTM SA 240, Gr. 304.
  • Standard Design Pressure – As per process requirements
Container Cover(Options)
  • Flat cover with Nozzles as required
  • Dome shaped cover with Nozzles as requires
  • Hinged
Stand Material of Construction – Structural Steel / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel. Suitable to withstand dynamic  load of mixer
Surface Finish
  • Internal Stainless Steel Surfaces are polished to the required Ra value
  • External Stainless Steel Surfaces are matt polished / glass bead blasted
  • Mild Steel Surfaces: Epoxy painted