Paint Resin Raw Rubber EVA and Hot Melt Chemical Reactor

Paint Resin Raw Rubber EVA and Hot Melt Chemical Reactor – India Stainless Steel Reactor, Reactor

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Paint Resin Raw Rubber EVA and Hot Melt Chemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor




Electric Heating

Plate Tower Reactor

Anchor Agitator


Single Tube


Stainless Steel

Tank Reactor

Retrorse Stirring ,Slow

High-Speed Micronization

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Product Description

reactor  tank
stainless  steel  reactor
mixing  tank reactor
Reaction vessel usage
It is mainly used for dairy, sugar, beverage, food and other elements mixing with all kinds of drugs to stir homogeneously. And now it has been the indispensable equipment in the dairy products, beverage, and pharmaceutical factories.
Reaction vessel characteristics
1. The insulation material is polyurethane foam or pearl cotton which is high temperature-resistant and anti-aging.
2. The interface adopts international standard ISO fast loading camp, inner pot uses imported stainless steel SUS304 or SUS306L, and its mirror-polished to Ra≤ 0.4m, outer surface adopts matte, mirror, blasting, or cold-rolled matte.
3. The seal head adopt imported sanitary mechanical agitation seal or magnetic seal agitating device, stirring speed are optional.
Technical parameter
Product Description
Stainless Steel Reactor
The stainless steel reaction vessel is made up of vessel cover, stack shell, jacket, blender, shaft seal gearing and supporting
The stainless steel reaction vessel (heated by electricity, steam and conduction oil) is made up of vessel cover, stack shell, jacket, blender, shaft seal gearing and supporting, etc. The vessel body touched the material and parts are all made of OCr18Ni9 or 1Cr18Ni9Ti acid proof stainless steel plate.
Because of the differences of users production techniques and operational conditions, jacket heating is divided into electricity bar heating, steam heating, conduction oil cycling heating, shaft seal gearing is divided into stuffing air proof and machine air proof, and machine air proof, blending includes types of anchor, slurry, vessel wheel, pushing and casting, The number of openings, specification and other requirements are designed and made according to the needs of users.

Technical parameter

ModelCapacityCylinder DiameterOuter coil heat transfer areaPowerStirring speed

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