Pickle Mixer Machine

Pickle Mixer Machine

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pickle Mixer Machine

Abster Equipmemt considered as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Pickle mixer machine. Our employs absolute technology for manufacturing such this machine to ensure maximum quality of the product.this mixer are one of the mostly cost effective and commonly used mixing & Blending for dry solids in all process industries from pharmaceutical, general food Chemicals, agricultural, chemicals and polymers.

how its work


  • Pickle Mixer Machine is operated smoothly with no pollution, Applied to mix different dry powder and granules material uniformly. This machine having fast mixing speed and good mixing effect.

pickle machine



  • This equipment is suitable for various materials mixing, which is widely applied in Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics ,ceramic, food product , chemical, Ayurvedic & Herbal Powder, daily use chemical, Colors, organics, inorganic matter, Dyestuffs, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Spices, Detergents ,Plastics and other more industries…..

Pickle Mixing Machine Manufacturers in Kolkata.


You can choose to get the parts of your Pickle Mixer Machine designed with SS 304, SS 316 & Mild steel. Since they are custom made as customer specifications you can choose the gauge in material of construction. We can customize a variable speed drive as per your choice. We even create flame proof model on special customer demand.


  • This equipment is packed in standard wooden case package suitable for transportation. Delivery time in 15 days after payment.


  • MOC- stainless steel 304 body.
  • Frame made of heavy-duty mild steel duly painted.
  • Fitted with stainless steel mixing blades.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large Scale production.
  • Suitable for mixing pickles, chutney, puree, pulp etc. semi viscous liquid.
  •  Low maintenance required. Operated by semi-skilled operator.




Model No.



Power Required


20 kg per batch

1 HP

230 volts AC



30 kg per batch

1.5 HP

230 volts AC


50 kg per batch

2 HP

440 volts AC


100 kg per batch

3 HP

440 volts AC


200 kg per batch

5 HP

440 votls AC


Note: Capacity is based on mixed pickle with mango. Capacity may vary while actual mixing.