Polyester Putty Mixer Hydraulic Tilting Dual Z Blades Mixer

Polyester Putty Mixer Hydraulic Tilting Dual Z Blades Mixer


Abster™ Equipment

Ahmedabad, India

Since: 1998

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory,Trading Company



Polyester Putty Mixer Hydraulic Tilting Dual Z Blades Mixer

Technical Specification


 OperatingCycle Operating
 W type shape
Lay out typeHorizontal
BMC/DMC, Chewing Gum, Candy/Sugar Paste, Plasticiz
ApplicationLiquid with Suspended Solids, Viscous Fluid, Viscosity Materials
Z Blades Counter Rotarion
 Working Kneading mixer
Mixer type Z Type Mixer
 Origin India

Product Description

Welcome to Abster Equipment your professional and reliable supplier of Kneading Machinery since 1998.sigma mixer/Z blades mixer/kneading machine/sigma kneader with double Z/Sigma Blades, is to be used for mixing and kneading of low-to high-viscosity products in many industries such as BMC/DMC, Chewing gum, candy/sugar paste, plasticize/silly putty, Hot melt adhesive , silicon compound, CMC/Cellulose, Electrode paste, carbon, pencil leads, soap, pigments, inks, plastic ect. 
Machine structure:
Including kneading/mixing system, machine base, hydraulic system, transmission system, electric control system, heating system (optional), cooling system (optional), vacuum system (optional) 
— Discharge:
 Tilting discharging
Screw extruding discharging 
Ball valve/bottom plate ( manual, electrical, pneumatic)
(for hot melt adhesive producing, normally use excrew extruding or bottom valve )
—- Heating: 
electric heating, hot water heating, hot oil heating, steam heating
(for hot melt adhesive producing, normally use electric heating or hot oil heating, and sides plate also with heating jacket. )
— Cooling: 
Z blades water cooling, mixing chamber with jacket for cooling purpose. 
(for hot melt adhesive producing, cooling is not required)
—- Vacuum system: water-ring vacuum pump and buffer tank.
(for hot melt adhesive producing, better with vacuum function. )

Model(L) NH-1NH-2NH-5NH-10NH-50NH-100NH-200NH-300NH-500NH-1000NH-1500NH-2000NH-3000NH-4000NH-5000NH-6000
volume(L) 12510501002003005001000150020003000400050006000
Steam pressure(Mpa) 0.30.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.340.34
Hot oil circulation(Mpa)
Electric heating(Kw) 0.511.523-64-116-156-1812-2418-3632-45/////
 Fast Rpm 45426045353636403035403532303535
Slow rpmSpeed ratio 1.0-1.9 as option, according to materials features.
Main motor (Kw) 0.37-1.10.55-1.50.75-2.21.5-33-5.54-115.5-155.5-1811-4518.5-7522-9045-16055-19075-25090-22590-225
Discharge  1.manual (for small capacity) 2.bottom ball valve 3.electric tilting 4.screw extruding

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