Stainless steel Limpet coil reactor for polyester resin

Stainless Steel Limpet Coil Reactor

Stainless steel Limpet coil reactor

Special Customized- Just for you:

All of our Stainless Steel Limpet Coil reactor are specially made as per customer’s request, you could advise below parameter , then we will send you accurate quotation with related drawing:

1. Working volume

2. Working Temperature

3. Working Pressure

4. Reactor Material / contacting components material

5. With the agitator or mixer or not,  and the Mixing Speed

6. With heating device or not.

7. Your other requests

With above information, we will come back to you with special designing just for yourself.
Product description


1.Applicable for concocting finished products or mixing different phases of materials in coating, dyes,Oil, Chemical ,Rubber,polyester resin pharmaceutical,Food , etc. It can be fitted with many kinds of mixers, which are suitable for different working conditions.

2. Various of texture:carbon steel,stainless steel,composite board,alloy steel ,etc.

3.As per different requirements, the kettle is able to be made into many types such as vacuum type, normal-pressure type, pressure-proof type, cooling type, heating type and so on.

Structure and Features

Reactor consists of the reactor body, tank cover, jacket, agitator, transmission, shaft seal device and supporting.

   Technicial Parameters
Capacity(L) 500~50,000L
Working pressure(MPa)  -0.1~50
Working temperature(°C)  -196~600
Stirring speed(r/min)  0~3000
Motor power(KW)  0~200
Heating power(KW) 0~100
Main materialStainless steel SUS304,SS316L,Low alloy steel,Titanium,Nickel,Zirconium,or Hastelloy,Monel alloy  and cladding plate
Seal typeMagnetic seal, mechanical seal, packing seal and gasket seal.
Heating typeElectric heating, far infrared heating, high frequency heating.Water recycling, thermal oil or steam through jacket by constant temperature slot.
Motor General DC motor, DC servomotor or explosion-proof motor   according to customers’ requirements.
Shaft Adopt self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve, suitable for mixing   various media.


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