Top Entry Mixer – Agitator

Top Entry Mixer



top entry mixer is designed for stirring low viscosity material or heavy material. It manufactured with high strength and hard surface gear transmission. Gear drive agitators utilize oversize tapered roller bearings on the output shafts to provide excess capacity to adjust the loads.


Features of Top Entry Mixer
1. This gear drive agitator can adopt multiple sealing modes, such as the mechanical seal and packing seal.
2. This gear drive top entry mixer is composed of motor, GLEASON gear, gearbox, mechanical seal, shaft, impeller and leaking stop device.
3. With compact structure, DL gear drive agitator is able to operate stably and reliably.

1. The top entry mixer in this form is the approximate weight, excluding the weight of mixing shaft and impeller inside the container.
2. The dimension M depends on the size of the user’s container.
3. The dimension D in the form is decided according to the mixing purpose of user, stirring volume and physical parameters, which should be subject to the real object.
4. The weight of motor is the approximate weight of the general indoor motor, which may vary with the different manufacturers and types of motors.
5. Other rotary speed of gear drive agitator may be customized by users.



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