Dyestuff and Pigment

Dye is kind of organic compounds that can make other substances get bright and strong color. Because the pigments used now are synthetic, they are also called synthetic dyes. Dyes and pigments are usually compounds of their own color, which can give clear and strong colors to other substances in molecular state or dispersion state.
A pigment is a substance that makes an object color. Pigments are soluble and insoluble, inorganic and organic. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances. Human beings in far back times knew using inorganic pigments, using colored soil and minerals, paint on the rock walls and smear the body. Organic pigments are generally derived from plants and marine animals such as alizarin blue, Garcinia and purple from shellfish in ancient Rome. It is mainly used in coatings, ink, printing and dyeing, plastic products, paper making, rubber products and ceramics. With the rapid development of the downstream industry, the demand for pigment is expanding, and the development prospect of pigment industry is very broad.
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