Food is one of the most important parts in our daily life. We need milk powder for our baby. The tea, beverage, coffee, bakery are always necessities for teatime. For grains and flours, they can be existed everywhere, such as in breakfast cereals, granola bars, snack food and ready-to-eat meals. Popular supplements like meal supplement, sports nutrition products, natural food supplement and other related products are favored by young people. Flavor tobacco can be good sales. We must keep the highest quality criteria for production and processing. Abster provide engineering, designing and manufacturing for food processing equipment. Our mixers perform perfect mixing and drying process for this industry.

Abster provide:
– Multiple types mixers for different status food materials
– GMP standard without dead space, smooth surface, radius corner
– FDA certificate for non-metal part
– BPE quick clamp nozzles
– Efficient CIP (cleaning-in-place) system design
– Patent design for main shaft seal
– Heating and cooling process with pressure certificates (GB code)
– Accessories: dosing system, weighing system, electric panel box, vacuum feeding station, etc.

Typical Applications:
Vitamin / Ice Cream / Flour / Milk/Whey Powder / Enzymes Starch / Flavorings /Spices / Bakery / Protein / Juice powder / Coffee

Granules, Grains or Powder Containing Pieces:
Table Salt Diet Foods / Grain / Convalescent Preparations / Tea Extracts / Fruit Drinks / Tobacco

Fragile Materials:
Muesli / Instant Soups / Tea Mixes / Frozen Vegetable / Vegetable / Frozen Fruit

Viscous Products: Fruit Pulps / Chocolate / Wafer Filling / Cheese Spread / Baby Food / Cream