300L Lemongrass/ Ginger/ Pepper/ Nutmeg Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

300L Lemongrass/ Ginger/ Pepper/ Nutmeg Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

Product Description

essential oil distillation


Product Structure:

The device consists of distillation kettle, material basket, insulation layer, demister, condensing tower, oil-water separator, electrical steam boiler, and other related pipelines composition.

Product Parameters

Essential oil distillation extracting equipment parameters of main structure:

Distillation kettleEffective volume 300L, Steam direct heating, Heat exchange area5.5㎡.
design pressure: 0.09Mpa,
working pressure: normal pressure;
Design temperature:120℃;
work temperature≤100℃;
Working medium: water;
Insulation layer: Material Aluminium silicate, thickness 50mm
Drain valve:DN75
DemisterSize Φ102×400, clamping band quick connect installation,
demister to facilitate cleaning. Meet the GMP requirements.
CondenserVertical condenser.
Heat transfer area is greater than3.0㎡ .
Pipeline: designed pressure: normal pressure;working pressure: normal
Pressure; design temperature: 100℃, work temperature≤100℃.
Working medium: Secondary steam. Length: Φ25×2;
Shell: designed pressure: 0.3Mpa,working pressure: normal pressure;
design temperature: 80℃,work temperature: 15~30℃.
Working medium: cooling water.


  1. Essential oil distiller as a common product in producing Chinese tradition medicine, is often used to extract effective ingredients from animals and plants and perfume oil in such fields as pharmaceutical manufacturing, biology, food, chemical industry etc.
  2. Essential oil distiller is suitable for containing high grease composition of plant leaves, flowers, grass and animal material in conventional oil, essential oil, fragrant oil composition of water distillation extraction process.



  1. By steam directly -distillation to reach the extraction of essential oils.
  2. Easy operation. One people can operate this machine easily.
  3. High efficiency. Using indirect heating of heat- steam or transfer oil, it can quickly reach 100C high
    temperature under the conditions of cleanness, safety and atmospheric pressure. If required, with vacuum pump,
    the extraction speed of essential oils will be more faster.
Product composition

Distillation process

Material Information

Material of Essential oil distillation extracting equipment :

FlowersRose; jasmine; lavender; chamomile; ylang ylang; geranium; neroli;
clary sage;achillea millefolium; osmanthus; peony; marigold;l aurel;
LeavesTea tree; eucalyptus; mint; patchouli; juniperberry; cypress; pine needles;
spearmint; basil.
RootsGinseng; ginger; angelica; garlic; vetivert; angelica root; mugwort;
borneol camphor.
GrassesRosemary; verbena; lemongrass; melissa; nardostachys; tarragon; caraway;
dill; valerian; houttuynia; wintergreen; evening primrose.
WoodSandalwood; cedar wood; rosewood; agarwood; Birch; holly; camphor;
melaleuca; sassafras.
ResinsFrankincense; myrrh; benzoin; fir tree; amyris; Elemi.
CitrusBergamot; grapefruit; lemon; orange; lime; tangerine .
SeedsCloves; almonds; cardamom; carrot seed; pomegranates; pepper;
capsicum ; fennel.

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