500L Rubber Kneader Machine

Rubber kneader machine

500litre sigma mixer kneader


Model: Abf
Capacity optional: 5-4000L
Application: It can be used in the production of silicone rubber, sealent, hot melt adhesive, food base, pharmaceutical preparations, etc. It is an ideal equipment for kneading, mixing, vulcanizing and polymerizing high viscosity and elastoplastic materials.

What is the Characteristic of Rubber Kneader Machine?

Rubber dispersion kneader tilts 125-140 degrees to discharge the batch. Available in more customized capacities than batch mixer, this machine can be positioned on the ground level. Rubber dispersion kneaders use very lower power .

To reach a high level of homogeneity of the rubber the mixing time is long enough, and even the production volumes are lower in kneader.

Though developed initially for mixing thermoplastics, this dispersion kneaders have a unique place in the elastomer mixing industry. Users love the ease of cleanliness on this machine especially when they have to change the color of their compounds frequently.

What is the Components of Rubber Kneader Machine?

Flexible material selection of the construction
The structure use the carbon steel, manganese steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and etc., and different material combination is available.
When selecting equipment, distinguish between: the part in contact with the material and the part not in contact with the material
The interior of the rubber kneaders can be anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, isolation, and wear resistance;
Stainless steel surface is available with santish, hairline, No.4 and mirror finish.

Reliable driving equipment
abster rubber kneader machine is equipped with driving devices of different capacities, different powers and different output speeds .
The selection of the drive motor includes: ordinary motor, riot motor, variable frequency motor, high efficiency energy-saving motor, high protection level motor, and motor under different voltage.

Agitating device

Two sigma-type blades operate together in a horizontal trough and rotate at differential speeds, thereby tearing rugged materials with intense shear. During the mix cycle, the extrusion screw continuously moves materials within reach of the mixing blades, shortening cycle time significantly compared to conventional double-arm sigma mixers. The result is a homogeneous blend.

Vacuum decompression
The kneading operation (kneading mode) performed under vacuum decompression after the vacuum tank cover and the vacuum shaft seal are used, (low temperature boiling, de aeration, and a certain degree of dehydration).

Feeding and discharging
For the kneaders of screw type, after the mixing/kneading cycle is complete, the screw is reversed and it transports the mixed materials from the mix zone out through a discharge die and on to further processing or packaging.

Shaft seal

Spindle seal for particle, powder, micron powder, liquid, slurry state

Energy-saving cooling and heating system

According to the user’s request, a jacketed jacket is installed on the outer wall of the kneaders drum , and the agitating paddle is made into an inner hollow form, so that cooling or heating can be performed.

According to the needs of users, it is also possible to install load safety devices, various measuring instruments. Various specifications and motor power may be changed due to improvements. Depending on the quality of the processing, carrying out special design and manufacturing.
Sigma mixer kneader

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