Octagonal Blender Machine

Octagonal Blender machineAn octagonal blender is a slow tumbling machine especially designed to perform mixing and lubrication of dry powders and granules for tablets and capsules formulations. The advantage of this octagonal shape blender is slow tumbling action, which while rotating does not degrade the particle structure. The special design is also suitable for dust-free operations as it can be used with attachment of dedicated bin charging and discharging systems. The ideal fill level of octagonal blender is two third of the total volume of the cylinder. It is widely accepted tumbling blender in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Our octagonal blenders are available at factory price for supply all India and overseas with full service installation and superior after sales service. We manufacture both lab scale octagonal blenders and for pharmaceutical production line. Octagonal Blenders above capacities from 300 kg are fully customized and made to order. Each unit confirms GMP requirements and fitted with instruments that make your work user friendly.

High grade stainless steel (304 / 316) is used to construct the machine. Customization is an integral part of our company; we facilitate our customers with advantage of customization on the basis of provided specifications.

Technical Specification : Double Cone Blender Machine

Cap in kgsCap in ltrsGross volumeMotorGear boxDischarge valveOverall dimensions L X W X H
1003003751.5221502165 X 1535 X 2585
1655006002302002250 X 1800 X 2700
2006007252302002300 X 1800 X 2800
2507508753352002300 X 1850 X 2800
2658009503352002350 X 1000 X 2800
335100011505502502700 X 2100 X 3050
400120013005402502800 X 2270 X 3050
500150017005502502850 X 2525 X 3120
650200022007.5503002800 X 2800 X 3350
850250027007.5603002800 X 2800 X 3450
9502800350010603002800 X 2900 X 3500
12003400400010603002900 X 3000 X 3700
  • Contact parts are made out of SS316 / SS304 material.
  • Inside & outside surfaces of contact parts will be polished to the mirror finish.
  • Gear box : Redicon / Shanthi / Elecon make.
  • Starter : D.O.L.
  • All other fabricated parts are made out of SS304 & polished to the matt finish.
  • Butterfly Valve at Discharge of container.


Salient Features

  • Suitable for dry mixing of products in granule form.
  • Easy for loading and unloading of material.
  • Easy for cleaning.
  • The octagonal shape & slow speed of rotating gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules, result in good quality.
  • Simple design requires minimum maintenance.
  • General structure & safety guards made out of mild steel & coloured in Standard Model and made out of SS 304 & polished to the matt finish in GMP Model.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of the unit.
  • Manual rotating facility with hand wheel for inching.
  • Bigger size batch at low power consumption.
  • Easy to clean and maintain in usage
  • Inclusion of a bin charging system that achieves a completely dust free operation
  • Reduced total powder consumption that translates to efficiency and greater productivity.
  • The octagonal shape allows blending granules from all sides in a continuous slow movement that results in high quality blending and lubrication of granules.

Other Option Available with Octagonal Blender Machine

  • Contact parts made out of SS316 instead of SS304.
  • Flame proof drive motor along with flame proof starter.
  • Vacuum Loading facility for material charging.
  • Cylindrical container with cone for material charging.