Paints and color paint mixing plant

Paints and color paint mixing plant Features:

Paint Mixing Reactor

Paints and color paint mixing plant

  • Sealed reaction, safe operation & environmental friendly
  • Custom-made design and qualified fabrication
  • Configured with basket mill or horizontal sand mill: efficient grinding, good fineness, easy to clean, no residuals and color contamination
  • Separate operation process from vacuum feeding, dispersion, grinding, cooling, tinting, filtration to filling
  • Paint Manufacturing Machinery

    Abster provides custom-made design to satisfy different production process and throughput.
    professional for the general customers to provide design and manufacturing from a few hundred kilograms every year tens of thousands of tons of production coating equipment.Integration of coating equipment main equipment including scattered cans, paint cans, horizontal sand mill and powder tank liquid tank of feeding liquid meter, air compressor, electric control device, filling machine and so on.Its usually are measured in liquid meter, using high-speed dispersion machine to disperse.Automatic vacuum material and foam etc.It belongs to the typical semi-automatic filling process, from raw materials into finished products produced only need a process.

    SS Resin production Process line Accurate dosing metering With mixing agitator

    The resin production line adopts automatic dosing control system. Based on different resin products and production processes, we will offer matched design and equipment for you. We can design a fully automatic and closed production line from raw materials storage, metering, addition to finished products conveying, storage and filling.

    Aqueous emulsion is the mixture of water and original pesticides. The medicament exists in water in form of ion or molecule. Compared with missible oil, aqueous emulsion only contains surfactants instead of organic solvent. Environment friendly, simple production process, good pesticide effect. It should be the future developing trend.
    Suspending agent is the mixture of original pesticides, carrier and dispersing agents, through wet grinding process to make them into thick but flow able suspension fluid. It usually contains active ingredient, dispersant, thickener, anti-precipitant, anti-foaming agents, anti-creaming agent and water. Active ingredient usually accounts for 5%-50% and average diameter around 3mm. It is a newly developed product.