Three Roll Mill

Three roll mill is designed for universal applications and for meeting the most stringent quality standards. Convenient, easy operation, handy design and easy to clean. Versatile machine for low to high viscosity masses, e.g. all types of printing inks, artists’ colors, industrial and decorative paints, toners, coating masses, etc., applied also to products from the fields of electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

three roll mill

Each of the three rolls is equipped with an individually adjustable high-efficiency cooling system. Automatic, precise control ensures constant roll temperatures and thereby uniform, reproducible operating conditions. The cooling water supply is automatically stopped when the machine is not running. This prevents undesirable cooling of the rolls and unnecessary water consumption. The hydro-dynamic roll pressing system guarantees high throughput and permanently stable, reproducible pres-sures in the roll gap. Three roll operating positions can be selected:

  1. Pressing: Working position for the grinding and dispersion

  2. Mixing: Intake gap is pressed for intermixing the material

  3. Disengagement: Rolls are disengaged for cleaning

An adjustment mechanism allows a defined roll gap to be set. This permits the processing of short, dilute and low-viscosity products.


Three roller mill uses shear force created by three horizontally positioned rolls rotating in opposite directions and different speeds relative to each other, in order to mix, refine, disperse, or homogenize viscous materials fed into it.

The material is fed into gap between feeding roller and middle roller from feeding hopper, to start first squeeze and milling, then transfer into outlet roller for second milling. The material can be collected in outlet blade after second milling to finish the operation process. The material can be mixing and milling between three rollers until reach the fineness. The milling times and fineness are related with material quality and previous process.

Three Roll Mill is designed for high quality request. It features good universal operation, low noise, stable working.  All the important mill parameter, for example roller temperature, roller pressure, blade pressure can be pre-set as products requirement. The pre-set parameter including pressure can be re-set and keep stable/accurate during the operation process.

This machine is equipped with original created integration panel oil circuit type in domestic market, the machine operation is controlled by magnetic valve, the response speed of press and loosen is fast with average pressure, easy controlling, the different finess of material can be available via adjusting pressure. The special connector is equipped in oil circuit so as to make sure no leakage, and easy for maintenance and dismantle. The roller is made of special alloy material casting with high strength and abrasive resistance.





















1 General Description

1.1 Introduction to the System

The three roll mill is mainly used to mill various kinds of paste-like materials (except those which can cause corrosion of rolls) such as paint, oil ink, ink, oily pigment, coating, foodstuff, cosmetics etc. Recently it has expanded its application range to raw materials of electric cable, man made leather, plastic, soap and pencil core etc. therefore the machine has become the main equipment for those factories to mill materials.

On the basis of original three roll mill, absorbed advantages of its like both at home and abroad and practical conditions of all users, the modified Model three roll mill has made further improvement. The machine adopts welded structure of quality steel plates therefore it has beautiful appearance, good workability, high strength and long service life. Moreover it can reduce labor strength.

The material of three rolls adopts centrifugally cast cold-hard alloy roll with thickness of alloy layer of 15 – 25 mm and surface hardness of HS 68 – 75. Three rolls are made by grinding on cambered grinder so its effective working surface has a b t cambered. When the three rolls are milling materials, it has features to make automatic compen ation and prolong its service life due to factors of its rigidity and expansion when hot and shrinkage when cold. Meanwhile it can raise up milling efficiency and fineness of materials to be m lled. For normal materials to be milled, it can make milling once, twice or more times in the three rolls depending on their original fineness and toughness in order to reach required fineness (normally at about 0.02 mm, measured by the grindometer).