Alkyd Resin Plant

We manufacture Alkyd resin Plant which is used for making Alkyd resin From long oil & Short oil viz. Soya bean oil, castor oil, Linseed oil .Alkyd resin is widely used in many industry viz. Paint ,Lubricating grease, Coating, Emulsifying agent, Cosmetic( Nail Paints), Detergent, Rubber, Pigment, etc.

Design of Process Layout for a Pilot Alkyd Resin Production Plant

Alkyd resin plant


Alkyd Resin Plant Specification

For the 5000L resin equipment can produce 10 tons per batch.It mainly includes 5000L reactor and 10000L dilute kettle.It has several diffrent heating ways,coal,nature gas,diesel oil,or electric.

Below are the details for 10 tons per day equipment with electric heating way:

Alkyd Resin Plant & Reaction Vessel

5000L Resin reactor configuration:

  • 1.Inner material and thickness: 304 stainless steel plate, 10mm
  • 2.outer material and thickness: carbon steel,8mm ,Oar type mixer
  • 3.electric motor: 11kw,4# cycloidal reducer 85 R.P.M..
  • 4.mechanical seal
  • 5. electric heater: 5kw*18 piece.
  • 6.automatic temperature control, with power plate
  • 7.vertical condenser: 5 square meter
  • 8. horizontal condenser: 20 square meter
  • 9.separation column diameter:280mm height :1000mm,one elbow
  • 10. §50 internal dish tube×8 laps(304 stainless steel)
  • 11.Oil-water separator: 304 stainless 300L
  • 12.carbon steel Q235 buffer tank 500L

10000L dilute kettle configuration

  • 1.inner material and thickness: 304 stainless steel,10mm
  • 2.outer material and thickness: carbon steel,8mm ,Oar type mixer
  • 3. .electric motor: 15kw, 5# cycloidal reducer 85 R.P.M
  • 4.mechanical seal
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UP Resin Production Plant  is mainly composed of five parts of Vertical Condenser, Horizontal Condenser, Reaction Vessel, Fractional Column. It is the professional  equipment to produce Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Alkyd Resin, Epoxy Resin, Artificial Marble Resin, Fiberglass Resin etc with reasonable design and advanced technology.

Below is General Information for your reference:

Reactor (L)Packing volume (m3)Put cold area ()Lie cold area ()Water storage(L)


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